A trollbridge 12 x 24 for lithium batteries permits charging 24-volt trolling motor batteries from a 12-volt charger, trolling hookup, or marine engine without the risk of running down the starting battery. It automatically connects in parallel for charging mode and in series for trolling batteries.

It is bi-directional. When not tolling, it backs up the house or starter battery. The device is suitable for installation with 24-volt trolling motors for as much as 85 amps and alternators for as much as 100 amps. The battery is more important than the motor. It is responsible for power and running time.

How to Choose a Trollbridge

The right device depends on several factors. Trolling motors are available in 12-volt, 24-volt, and 36-volt. Alternator output ratings are typically less than 100 amps or less, 200 amps or less, and greater than 200 amps. Most trolling motors operate under 100 amps.

The system handles multiple anchor winches, bow thrusters, motors, etc. Using the starting motor to supply the trolling motor saves weight but runs the risk of being unable to start the main engine if the batteries run down using the trolling motor.

An additional battery is necessary for running the trolling motor by isolating the starting battery, but the engine always starts. Features of the device include:

There are no connectors or switches to change; it is fully automatic
Over 99 percent efficient, charges faster with no wasted power or heating
Waterproof with IP68 rating that protects from long term immersion
Ignition rated for explosive atmospheres
Withstands ambient heat in excess of 175° F
No diodes burn out if shorted
Available from Smart Shore Marine. Fill out the contact page on the website.

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