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What is a Combiner?

The Combiner has voltage-sensing circuitry and will connect two (2) batteries together in parallel when either battery is receiving a charge and that battery being charged has stabilized at a full charge voltage level. When the charging ceases, the Combiner circuitry opens so that each battery operates independently as they are no longer connected in parallel. Supplemental battery banks can be added by using an additional Combiner for each bank. You never have to worry about changing a battery switch to the “BOTH” position when your engine is running and forgetting to switch back to save your starting battery from discharging when you turn off your outboard engine.

Combiner Features & Specs

• Protects alternator against overload from low battery levels
• Waterproof and Ignition rated for explosive atmosphere
• Electronic thermal monitoring with shutdown & restart
• Can be used on alternators with internal regulators
• Green LED Indicates when combined for charging, and red LED Indicates Overload or Low Voltage Detected Condition
• Draws no current when batteries are not being charged and less than 150-Milliamps when charging is in progress, so no heat sinking or cooling required
• No diodes to burn out if accidentally shorted
• Withstands ambient temperature to over 175°F (80°C) for exposed or engine compartment installations
• No special wiring for alternators with external sense
• Optional external remote for Off/Automatic/On. Remote “ON” can be used for assisted engine starting
• One (1) year factory-direct limited warranty

Trollbridge Product Specs

• Fully automatic, no switches/connectors to change
• Starting and trolling motor batteries are connected in parallel when in charging mode so that the charge is equalized, and trolling motor batteries are connected in series when in trolling motor mode
• Eliminates the need for but is compatible with multiple bank battery chargers
• Waterproof - Will operate submerged in salt water
• Ignition rated for explosive atmospheres
• Withstands ambient temperatures to over 175°F
• Draws no current when not charging, no switch needed
• No wasted power, no heat sink or cooling required
• Can be conveniently located with the batteries
• One (1) year factory-direct limited warranty