The Trollbridge 12 x 24 system is smartly designed to power up your trolling motor batteries with ease. This is a hassle-free solution for lithium batteries. It enables you to charge 24-volt trolling motor batteries with a 12-volt charger, trailer hookup, or main engine. There is no risk that your starting battery will discharge when using this system.

The two 12-volt batteries are paired in a parallel configuration, which supplies you with backup power. This is a clever design that enables you to avoid depleting the charge in the starting battery. You can power up the trolling motor batteries easily and reduce the time needed to prepare for your next adventure on the water.


About The System

This system makes your boat’s batteries function so smoothly that you could even think of it as a magic wand. The system works behind the scenes, reducing your worries about maintaining a full charge when enjoying your time out on the water. You can have two 12-volt batteries working together like a team to power the trolling motor, which supplies you with continuous power.

Charging is just as effortless, and the system does it automatically. The trolling motor might not always be in use, so this is when the device enables one battery to step in for the other. Imagine it as a wizard behind the curtain, magically ensuring that you always have a stable charge.

The starting battery only needs a 13-volt charge to catalyze the automatic charging system when the main engine is operating. In charging mode, it connects automatically in a parallel configuration, but for the trolling batteries, it connects in series. Since it’s bi-directional, it will serve as a backup power source for the starter battery.


Why Use SmartShore TrollBridge?

This system provides flexibility and power when you need a reliable charge for boating adventures. The installation design accommodates 24-volt trolling motors, and it supports up to 85 amps; the alternators have a capacity of up to 100 amps. The battery instead of the motor is at the center of this system, and it regulates the running time and power supply.

There are several important features that make this system desirable to use. The starting battery can be employed as one of your trolling motor batteries, for example. This improves the overall experience of your system, and it reduces hassle. In addition, there is an automatic switch from the trolling motor mode to the charging mode. This reduces the need for manual intervention, and it frees up your time to pursue other tasks.

In the SmartShore Marine Trollbridge 36 version, you get a transmitter key fob that enables you to toggle between modes, which is convenient when you’re anxious to move forward with your boating expedition.

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