Battery Combiner 200 for Lithium Batteries

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Battery Combiner for alternators up to 200 amps. Connects 2 or more batteries in parallel when either is receiving a charge. Separates them when charging ceases.


(For Alternators up to 200-Amps)

• Suitable for alternators up to 200-Amps with

   175-Amp continuous rating, 400-Amp closing

   current, and charging levels up to 18-Volts

• Supplied 6-Gauge crimp terminals and 5/16-18

   studs and hex nuts for connecting customer supplied

   6-AWG cable leads to battery positive (+) posts.

   Connect customer supplied ground cable to 4-40

   threaded post labeled NEGATIVE (-) on the

   Combiner 200

• Combiner 200L (For Lithium Batteries) switches

   to charge mode when the Lithium battery being

   charged reaches 13.8-Volts

Features & Specifications

• Protects alternator against overload from low battery levels

• Waterproof and Ignition rated for explosive atmosphere

• Electronic thermal monitoring with shutdown & restart

• Can be used on alternators with internal regulators 

• Green LED Indicates when combined for charging, and red

   LED Indicates Overload or Low Voltage Detected Condition 

• Draws no current when batteries are not being charged

   and less than 150-Milliamps when charging is in progress,

   so no heat sinking or cooling required 

• No diodes to burn out if accidentally shorted

• Withstands ambient temperature to over 175°F (80°C)

   for exposed or engine compartment installations

• No special wiring for alternators with external sense

• Optional external remote for Off/Automatic/On.

   Remote “ON” can be used for assisted engine starting

• One (1) year factory-direct limited warranty

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