Galvanic Isolator PLUS

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(For Aluminum Hulls) Aluminum hulls have a built-in electric potential of -0.75 to -1.0-Volts, depending on the alloy,  temperature, salinity, and movement. Conventional Galvanic Isolators provide about 1 to 2-Volts of isolation, so protection is degraded by up to 80% to negative stray voltages when applied to aluminum hulls. The Galvanic Isolator+ for metal boats or aggressive locations provides approximately 2.5-Volts isolation in the ground lead of your shore power supply to isolate DC and AC electrolytic voltages coming from the dock but yet pass safety currents to ground in the event of a short circuit, wiring error, or power leakage from your boat.


• Works on 115- or 230-Volt supply, single or 2-phase

• Fail-safe, meets ABYC standards (except 2.5-Volt    rating exceeds specifications)

• Compact size: 8” x 3” x 1.5”


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